Table (Method)


The table method creates a specific Table instance from an existing Contract object. The resulting Table can then be used to request data from the smart contract.


When the table method is called, the only required argument that must be passed is the name of the table as defined in the ABI.

const table = contract.table("table_name")
// Returns a Table instance for the 'table_name' table.


The table method requires a single argument:

  • tableName: The name of the contract table to retrieve.


In addition to the required argument, optional parameters may also be passed to dictate how the resulting Table class will behave.

  • scope: The default scope to be used when fetching rows with the Table instance.
  • rowType: The Typescript type of the rows that will be returned by the Table instance.


A second optional parameter may also be passed to define the default scope for all subsequent calls against the resulting Table object.

const table = contract.table("table_name", "scope_name")
// Returns a Table instance for the 'table_name' table with the default scope 'scope_name'.

Row Type

A third optional parameter can also be passed that allows you to manually define the data response type, using a Struct for all requests against the Table object.

class NameBid extends Struct {
  @Struct.field(Name) newname!: Name
  @Struct.field(Name) high_bidder!: Name
  @Struct.field(Int64) high_bid!: Int64
  @Struct.field(TimePoint) last_bid_time!: TimePoint

const table = contract.table("table_name", "scope_name", NameBid)
// Returns a Table instance for the 'table_name' table with the default scope 'scope_name'.

Return Value

The table method returns a Table instance.