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What is Wharf?

Wharf is a free, open-source framework of intuitive developer tools for building web-based apps on Antelope blockchains. Its three modular kits (Session, Account, and Contract) can be used separately or combined to create any number of web3 applications.

Built on Antelope, the most performant blockchain protocol.

Antelope is an open protocol that hosts multiple blockchains, including EOS, Telos, WAX, and the UX Network. It was designed from the ground up to be incredibly fast, with low costs for users and developers, and a low latency of transactions.

The Antelope ecosystem offers developers a high-quality experience when creating new dApps, with funding and developer support available from multiple sources.

Get to know the team behind Wharf.

Wharf was built by Greymass, and funded by the Antelope Coalition.


Greymass is an expert team of researchers and developers who passionately believe that the internet (and the world) can be a better place, and that distributed ledger technology will help us get there. Their goal is to empower users with the tools they need to participate in decentralized communities.

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The Antelope Coalition

The Antelope Coalition coordinates the efforts of all Antelope-based chains and manages shared resources, such as the Antelope protocol and community. Wharf was created in response to a Request for Proposal from the Coalition that outlined the need for SDKs for Antelope developers.

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