Account Kit

Your one-stop-shop for managing user accounts.

Get all the info you need for Antelope accounts.

The Account Kit works with custom APIs for each Antelope blockchain, so you can easily gather any data you need.

  • Load state for any Antelope account
  • View account permissions, current resource values, and voting information
  • Retrieve Antelope data types for all account values, based on the blockchain the account is on

Interact with token contracts.

You can use standard Antelope token contracts to let your users perform transactions on the blockchain. The Account Kit makes it simple to set up these transactions by providing account balance information and creating transfer actions. This way, you can provide a seamless transaction experience to your users.

Take care of resources behind-the-scenes.

There are various Antelope resource models that can trip up new users, depending on the chain you're building on. But you can help your users manage this or even abstract it all away with the Account Kit, which assists with resource calculations by:

  • Providing price information for CPU, NET, and RAM resources
  • Performing calculations for complex values used in the Powerup resource model

Learn more about the Account Kit with the Guides and Documentation.

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