Brand Assets and Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in the Wharf brand! We would like to make it as easy as possible for you to reference Wharf in your project, so we've prepared all the essentials for you here: the logo, colors, font, and background images. If you would like to go further in your usage of the Wharf brand, please download the Brand Guidelines PDF for additional images and information.

Brand Colors

Wharf Blue

Hex: #494E62
RGB: 73-78-98
CMYK: 26-20-0-62

Reef Turquoise

Hex: #7BE7CE
RGB: 123-231-206
CMYK: 47-0-11-9

Seafoam Mint

Hex: #B2F2E1
RGB: 178-242-225
CMYK: 26-0-7-5

Swell Mist

Hex: #F4FAF4
RGB: 244-250-244
CMYK: 2-0-2-2

Brand Font

Wharf headlines are set in Montserrat.

All body text is typeset in Inter.

Background Images

wharfkit background