Account Kit Overview

The Account Kit is an SDK focused on managing Antelope-based blockchain accounts.

It’s primary responsibilities are:

  • To facilitate the generation of account and resource management related actions.
  • To provide a simple interface for retrieving account details.

This section of the documentation offers a technical overview of all of the components surfaced by the Account Kit. For step-by-step guides and tutorials, please visit the Account Kit Guides.


The Account Kit exports different classes for use in various types of applications. This page provides a brief overview of the major components, each of which link to their own individual documentation.


The core component of Wharf’s Account Kit is named after the SDK itself and offers itself as a customizable factory class. The AccountKit gives developers methods to create Account instances.


Developers working with the Account Kit will primarily be working with Account instances, whether manually defined in an application or created by the AccountKit factory load method. An Account instance serves as a representation of an Antelope-based blockchain account and offers multiple helper methods to interact with it.


The Permission class is a wrapper for Antelope blockchain account permissions. It offers several helper methods to help retrieve and set permission data.