Contract Kit

Easily read and write to the blockchain.

Smart contracts, made simple.

Smart contracts are the backbone of every Web3 application. The Contract Kit makes it easy to retrieve and write data to smart contracts by:

  • Providing an easy-to-use query language to retrieve data from smart contracts, which is automatically returned as native Antelope types.
  • Offering methods to create actions that make it easy to interact with smart contracts, using either plain Javascript or native Antelope types.

Provide your users with faster response times.

The Contract Kit is designed to optimize API access, which in turn reduces load time and provides users with a faster, more seamless experience in-app. It does this by optimizing the requests made to API nodes and automatically compressing transactions to reduce resource costs and bandwidth usage. But the benefits don't stop there:

smaller API file size

API response sizes are automatically reduced by 50% when returning Table and Contract data from the smart contract.

more data per API request

The number of possible table rows returned per API request are quadrupled when compared to other Antelope library calls.

Want to write your own custom smart contract first?

Explore the new resources released by the ENF! Enhance your understanding and stay updated with the cutting-edge developments in the world of Smart Contracts.

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Enhance your developer environment.

Wharf’s Command Line Tool (CLI) can automatically generate code to represent a smart contract in a TypeScript application. This saves you time writing code and makes it easy to understand parameters for tables and actions while working with a contract. Some of the benefits of working with the CLI include:

  • Integrated IntelliSense that provides information in real-time about smart contract parameters and enables code completion.
  • Enforced type checking against the smart contract to prevent errors during development.
  • Further optimization of the API calls required by the Contract Kit, to improve the user experience.
Learn to Use the CLI

Learn more about the Contract Kit with the Guides and Documentation.

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