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  • Session Kit

    The Session Kit is designed to make signing transactions easy. With this kit, you can:

    • Request that a user login to an application using their preferred wallet and establish a Session for transaction signing. An out-of-the-box UI is also provided for this interaction.
    • Manually establish a Session in your application code to sign transactions directly.
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    Contract Kit

    The Contract Kit makes accessing smart contract data and creating transactions easy. With this kit, you can:

    • Interpret smart contract structures, retrieve natively typed data, and craft transactions based on the actions the contract defines.
    • Perform code generation for any smart contract to optimize API call patterns and make your developer environment context-aware to reduce mistakes through autocompletion and type checking.
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    Try out the Session Kit.

    Learn how to define a Session and perform transactions with our Node.js Guide, or discover how to connect wallets to a web application and prompt transactions with our Web App Guide. And check back soon for more guides on the other kits!

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    The Antelope SDK

    Every kit in Wharf is built using the Antelope SDK, the core library which provides Javascript native types, client interfaces, and other tools to make it easy to work with any Antelope-based blockchain.

    Protocol Standards

    Transactions that pass through the Wharf kits are standardized and represented as Signing Requests.