The linkAuth method provides a way for an Antelope account owner to limit an account permission so that it’s only able to execute specific smart contract actions. It returns an Action instance that can be signed and executed on-chain using the SessionKit Transact method.


The linkAuth method is available on any Account instance. Here is an example of how to use it:

const action = testAccount.linkAuth(

In the example above, an action limiting the custom claim permission to the eosio claimrewards action is created. This makes it so the claim permission can only execute the claimrewards action on the eosio smart contract.


  • contract: The name of the account that the permission should be linked to.
  • actionName: The name of the action that the permission should be linked to.
  • permission: The name of the permission that should be linked to the specified action (e.g. claim).

Return Value

The linkAuth method returns an Action instance. This action can then be passed to the SessionKit Transact method for execution.