Modular SDK for Antelope Web Apps

Wharf provides a fast and flexible way to build web3 projects on blockchains like EOS, Telos, WAX, and UX.

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What will you launch with Wharf?

Whether you want to create a wallet, mint NFTs, design a DeFi protocol, or build something entirely new: the days of clunky, limited blockchain SDKs are over! Wharf’s modular and user-focused approach saves development time and effort, helping to turn your ideas into reality.

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Supported Frameworks

React Javascript Vue NodeJS

Get started with your favorite tools.

Wharf is designed to work with all Javascript frameworks. So whether you prefer to code in Vue, React, Svelte, Typescript, or NodeJS, you can start building today.

Check back soon for Starter Kits in your favorite framework!

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Check out our blog for regular video updates and technical previews.

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UX your users will love.

Want to provide a professional user experience, as fast as possible? Wharf provides an out-of-the-box UI Renderer that was created by a professional UX designer and covers multiple common user scenarios.

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Build on the most responsive blockchains.

The Antelope framework is behind some of the fastest, most secure, and user-friendly Web3 products and services. Together the EOS, Telos, WAX and UX networks reliably fulfill millions of transactions per day.

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Ready to dive in? Wharf's docs have everything you need to start building.

Check out our blog for regular video updates and technical previews.

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