Build a blockchain TO-DO App using Wharf

In this video tutorial developers can follow along with a ~30 minute video to create a blockchain-based TO-DO App using Wharf on the Jungle Testnet. The focus of this material is building a web client for a pre-existing smart contract already deployed on the network.


The tutorial video is broken up into chapters based on which part of the application is being built. Use the in-video navigation to jump to a specific chapter.

  1. Introduction
  2. Boilerplate setup with Svelte (Code)
  3. Testnet Account Setup
  4. Add the Session Kit to allow users to log in (Code)
  5. Reactivity with Svelte stores (Code)
  6. Adding the Contract Kit and generating code based on the contract (Code)
  7. Performing a smart contract action to create a task (Code)
  8. Reading tasks from the smart contract table (Code)
  9. Allowing the user to delete tasks or mark them as complete (Code)
  10. Bonus: Using return values in smart contracts (Code)
  11. More information and where to get help

Source Code

Listed below is the complete source code for the application available on GitHub.

Further Reading

For in-depth documentation and guides around Wharf and smart contract development.

Engage with other developers

Have questions or want to engage with other developers working with Wharf or Antelope blockchains?