A @wharfkit/session WalletPlugin implementation that takes a private key and blindly signs transactions.

Primarily designed to be used in controlled environments (such as server side applications) or for testing purposes.


import {Session} from '@wharfkit/session'
import {WalletPluginPrivateKey} from '@wharfkit/wallet-plugin-privatekey'

// Establish a session and include the wallet plugin
const session = new Session({
    // ... other options
    walletPlugin: new WalletPluginPrivateKey({
        privateKey: '5Jtoxgny5tT7NiNFp1MLogviuPJ9NniWjnU4wKzaX4t7pL4kJ8s',

// Calling transact will use this plugin to automatically sign with the provided key
const result = session.transact({
    actions: [
        // your actions


You need Make, node.js and yarn installed.

Clone the repository and run make to checkout all dependencies and build the project. See the Makefile for other useful targets. Before submitting a pull request make sure to run make lint.

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