A plugin to display a link to a block explorer after a transaction has been completed.


When instantiating your Session Kit, ensure you have the explorer parameter defined on the ChainDefintion for each blockchain, and then add the TransactPluginExplorerLink as a transactPlugin.

import {TransactPluginExplorerLink} from '@wharfkit/transact-plugin-resource-provider'

const kit = new SessionKit({
    // ... all your other options
    chains: [
            id: '73e4385a2708e6d7048834fbc1079f2fabb17b3c125b146af438971e90716c4d',
            url: 'https://jungle4.greymass.com',
            // Make sure to define the structure of an explorer link for each chain in your chain definitions.
            explorer: {
                prefix: 'https://jungle4.eosq.eosnation.io/tx/',
                suffix: '',
    // Include the explorer link plugin
    transactPlugins: [new TransactPluginExplorerLink()],


You need Make, node.js and yarn installed.

Clone the repository and run make to checkout all dependencies and build the project. See the Makefile for other useful targets. Before submitting a pull request make sure to run make lint.

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