Automatically cosign transactions to assume resource costs using a noop action.


yarn install @wharfkit/transact-plugin-cosigner


Include this transactPlugin in your Wharf Session Kit instance and specify the relevant information.

const session = new Session({
    chain: {
        id: '73e4385a2708e6d7048834fbc1079f2fabb17b3c125b146af438971e90716c4d',
        url: 'https://jungle4.greymass.com',
    permissionLevel: 'wharfkit1111@test',
    transactPlugins: [
        new TransactPluginCosigner({
            actor: 'wharfkitnoop',
            permission: 'cosign',
            privateKey: '5JfFWg1CWsNTeXTWMyfChXXbyD31TCTknSVGwXDSpT6bPxKYLMM',
            // Optional parameters
            // contract: 'greymassnoop', // The noop contract name
            // action: 'noop', // The noop contract action
    walletPlugin: wallet,

Any transaction initiated with this session will automatically prepend a greymassnoop:noop action and sign it using the permissions specified for the TransactPluginCosigner.


You need Make, node.js and yarn installed.

Clone the repository and run make to checkout all dependencies and build the project. See the Makefile for other useful targets. Before submitting a pull request make sure to run make lint.

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